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PSP Updates has posted the final release of PSP Radio. PSP Radio is a great homebrew app that allows streaming radio for internet radio stations (IE Shoutcast). The program has changed quite a bit since its initial release and it is now complete.


* TextUI: Added a new config element to specify the length of the metadata.
* GraphicsUI: Removed from the build as it doesn’t work correctly with the current core.
* TextUI: Added config item/implementation to provide 24/12-hour clock configuration.
* TextUI: Separate config files per screen
* TextUI: Metadata color is now configurable (see bug #5907)
* Core: Removed local LibPSPNet; using pspsdk’s pspnet now.
* Core: Added new LocalFiles screen.
* TextUI: Using new screens by semtex199.
* TextUI: Added configuration items to cfg file to configure the list’s titles.
* TextUI: -2 in the X position for configuration items makes the item not be printed (suggested by HalfastII)
* TextUI: The config file is now partitioned into one section per screen (suggested by HalfastII)
* TextUI: Added support for showing the time and the battery level.
* TextUI: Now files defined in playlists are displayed without the path, and the extension is only shown if configured to in the config file.
* Compiled against latest pspsdk (r1542). There should be some speed improvements, as things like memcpy are now optimized.
* Core/TextUI: Added support to print text using pixel coordinates
* TexUI: Removed cleaning code that was unnecessary in the options screen renderer. This should speed it up a bit.
* Added support for showing the time and the battery level on the 3D UI.
* Enabled pausing of local streams
* Cleanup/robustness added for play/stop core.
* Created playmodes; defaults to NORMAL (will play next track after current one ends), also has SINGLE and REPEAT modes.
* Completely re-wrote buffering system. (Using stl lists, and optimized buffers). New change from one stream to the next is seamless.
* Made font size configurable in the textui config file. If these settings are set correctly, then the artifacts produced when using outlined/shadowed text should go away. (The downside, is that the number of columns/rows is also modified as these values change.)
* Added support for showing the battery status and the current local time.
* TextUI is now more configurable (for listboxes/textmode(font modes))
* Added shadowed font mode for textui.
* Added option to select if file extensions should be displayed or not in textui.
* Added pngs for startup/shutdown of PSPRadio
* Now using pngs designed by Semtex/albadross/HalfastII
* Added better support for suspending/resuming psp.
* Minor tweaking of the textui.cfg
* The initial screen can now be selected in the PSPRadio.cfg file, under SYSTEM/INITIAL_SCREEN
* Can now refresh the playlists from the Options screen.
* Options can now be saved from options screen.
* 0.37-pre3c: Now you can save and restore USB autostart / wifi autostart / intial screen from the options screen
* Added a genre processing/parsing stage for shoutcast.com database.
* Changed the text ui layout a bit, so that the stream name has more room
* Added a radial blur effect as a background effect on the 3D UI.
* Added code to draw font with outline – thanks to Halfast for the idea.
* Revamped code to handle playlists in memory.
* Now shoutcast.com entries are sorted by genre
* Now will reload shoutcast.com db on download. Also now include a default db.xml


* ScreenHandler: Now selecting to refresh playlists in Options screen will also refresh the local files screen virtual playlists. (Bug #5904).
* Core: Corrected basename implementation bug #5982. (files shorter than 4 chars weren’t getting displayed).
* Core: Corrected bug #5924, if PSP/MUSIC folder was empty, the app would crash.
* Core: Corrected problem where if no playlist or local files where present, the app would crash when the user tried to access the next track/playlist using UP/DOWN.
* Core: VBlank fix.
* Core: Updated to use socket headers from the new pspsdk.
* TextUI: Fixed bug where localfiles where getting truncated as they were displayed.
* Corrected logging timestamping, now using localtime (inspired by sandberg’s code).
* Core: Logging instantiated in the heap instead of the data segment.
* Core: Modifications to make it compatible with the latest pspsdk (r1542)
* Playback: Corrected bug that caused app to crash when a stream failed.
* TextUI: Made the title shorter so it fits no matter what font is used.
* Updated the 3D UI so all options are fitted to the screen.
* Corrected log times now that clock changed in sdk
* Corrected bug with playlists v2, where streams with spaces were getting truncated.
* Fixed problem where PSPRadio was exiting when it went into screen blank mode.
* Some refactoring of options code/pspapp_network. Corrections on loglevels.
* 0.37-pre3b: Corrected the WIFI:AUTOSTARTing.
* Corrected issue where SHOUTcast screen wasn’t allocating memory for the lists, reusing the playlists’ memory. This was causing instability in version 0.37-pre1.

You can download PSP Radio v0.37 here.
You can download the documentation here.
You can download skins for PSP Radio here.

I personally have been using PSP Radio for some time and love it. It is great program for anyone who has some favorite internet radio stations.


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  1. Helpful…but what firmware is it for?

  2. And assuming I do have the correct firmware… I’m having trouble installing it. The readme isnt being very helpfull.

  3. As in 95% of all homebrew you need 1.5 or 2.0. This one works on both 1.5 and 2.0

    You can always check Fanjita’s Homebrew page (http://www.fanjita.org/psp_working.html) for what works on 2.0

    As far as 2.01+ for the time being you can assume that unless specifically stated, the posted homebrew will NOT work on anything higher than 2.0

  4. will it wrk w/ 2.5????????? email me back the answer

  5. how do you get/ find radio stations for it?

  6. a how do u get it on ur psp plz help me i need it so bad

  7. ya it does not work for f/w 3.50 because ive ben trying for a week and i sill get the same error

  8. Keep trying. I’ve been using it on 3.52 m33 -4, and now 3.71 m33 -4, and it works great, when run in 1.5 kernal (addon) mode.

    Actually, I just checked and I got it to run in 3.71 mode as well.

  9. can it work for 3.71 m33-4

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