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PlayStation VR

Well hello there folks, it’s been a while! Lots has changed over the years on the sites that I run. First sites like WiiSpot and DS:Life are no more, VGPodcasts.com is still running but has a new big brother over at REZD.tv. Basically, lots of things change on the web in 10 years — something that should be quite obvious I guess 🙂

2 weeks ago something that I have been waiting basically my whole adult life for finally became reality. The PlayStation VR was released ushering in affordable consumer VR to the masses!

I first played in VR during the summer of 1993 or 1994. A local computer fair had a pair of Virtuality pods setup and Dactyl Nightmare was the game on display. I must have dropped $20 on that game at the time at $1 a pop, but it was totally worth every penny. Ever since then I’d tried to jump on VR tech whenever it presented itself. Playing on Virtuality pods at local fairs and even home brewing some makeshift VR demos and hardware hacks, nothing was able to quench my thirst though.

The past couple of years have made VR gaming a reality. Products like the Vive or Oculus Rift made VR available to the masses *if you had a killer PC* that is. I work in IT as my day job and a number of years ago I gave up on the treadmill that was PC gaming; doing support when I’m at home wasn’t high up on my list of fun things to do. So I was presented with a quandary, do I build a $1500 PC now to jump in on the Oculus or do I wait until the PlayStation VR is released since I already have a PS4…

I chose the latter and man am I ever glad that I did. The experience has been so good that I can’t imagine playing any non-VR games in the near future! On top of that chance we transitioned one of our podcasts, DeREZD, into a show focusing solely on the PlayStation VR and its games. This was the injection of new life that my gaming hobby needed. Everything that was old is feeling new again.

So there you have it, this is the first of many posts to come here on Nukoda focused on the PlayStation VR. Nukoda is celebrating it’s 10 year birthday soon, I’m thinking that there is no better time to transition this site too. Keep your eyes peeled for PlayStation VR news and reviews. I’ll start posting up the VR focused videos that we are doing for REZD.tv here as well…

Let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes…



About the author: Lloyd Hannesson


Lloyd is the father of 2 young kids and is the owner/operator of Nukoda.com. When not writing about games, Lloyd hosts and produces the popular Nintendo Pulse, Inside Dimensions and DeREZD podcasts over on REZD.tv!


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