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This year’s QuakeCon has arrived and the BYOC hordes are here in full force.

After a stint at the Gaylord-Texan id Software’s PC gaming free-for-all has returned to the Dallas Hilton-Anatole with tournaments, one of the world’s largest LAN parties, vendor booths and lots and lots (and lots) of free t-shirts.

This will be the second year id has hosted the event as part of Zenimax Media, owner of Elder Scrolls and Fallout developer Bethesda.

Now more than a multiplayer gaming event, QuakeCon is also a venue to showcase the newest games and hardware being developed by companies involved with id Software including booths selling clothing, computer peripherals, and software.

To be able to keep QuakeCon a free LAN party, it’s still highly dependent on volunteer work. Other than id employees, the volunteers run the show. These volunteers, often described as the crew, cover most aspects of the organization of the party. It’s still very much the “Woodstock of gaming”, and a past motto of a week of “peace, love, and rockets!” is here in full force.

An added emphasis this year is the panels, with topics ranging from founder John Carmack’s pet space and rocket project, to world-building and sound design. The event is still free with registration, available at QuakeCon’s website.

Stay tuned for the next three days as we periodically add updates and impressions of the latest games from id, Bethesda and other Zenimax companies.


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