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During his keynote, id Software found John Carmack revealed a tech demo of something he’s been doing as a “side project” –  Rage for the iPhone. A working demo showed the game operating at 60 fps using the Rage Engine (complete with megatextures) on an iPhone 4.

Carmack assures viewers that it will also work on an original iPhone as well, although a later poll of the audience seemed to indicate that he probably wouldn’t take it that far back, given the low demand. Graphics are on par, if not better, than anything that can be done on the original Xbox or PlayStation 2.”- I can kill anything done on a previous generation console,” Carmack said.

The mobile version of Rage is a small, cheap, version that’s meant mainly for showing off, Carmack continued. Ultimately, id is aiming to release Rage, then follow-up with smaller titles that tie into the PC release when it’s available. Rage for the iPhone should be released sometime this year, he said.

Sitting in the audience it was easy to see how smooth the game ran. It was controlled by moving around with the touch screen, pointing where you wanted to go in a fluid motion, no controller “interfact” or GUI on screen. It was impressive, to be sure and the fram erate was phenomenal.

Carmack also states that iPhone projects could be ported over to Android devices, but that won’t happen for some time, but given the numbers of iOS owners versus Android owners (an informal poll showed 90 percent of the crowd had an iOS device) it’s something he sees as a long-term possibility.

The simple fact that’s it’s possible, with “one percent of the pixels in the real map” and running purely off of flash memory (which Carmack said was key to his success) shows just how versatile and scalable the idtech engine is. Porting the game shouldn’t be an issue, keeping PC and console gamers happy when the full version is released next year.

The iOS version of Rage is expected to be be “hundreds upon hundreds” of megabytes, which may be a consideration for people looking to conserve space on their iPhones and iPads. Due to the power drain, an option for a 30 fps version will be made available.

Carmack did not, unfortunately give any detail on Doom 4, but this made up for in many, many ways.


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