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Rainbox Six Vegas

Ubisoft has announced that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas will be making its way to PSP alongside it’s Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 brethren. However, this is not simply a port. Vegas for PSP will feature a parallel storyline with a single and multiplayer action.

In Vegas for PSP, players will play as Brian Armstrong and Shawn Rivers who support the characters in the console version. The game will set place in Las Vegas (who would of thought?) and players are tasked with saving the city from the terrorists.

The controls are being fine tuned for the PSP so don’t fret. Although how they will work has yet to be seen. As a Rainbox Six operative, you’ll use a variety of high-tech gadgets such as snake-cams for tagging enemies before bursting into a room with guns blazing. Rainbow Six Vegas will also have ad-hoc and infrastructure multiplayer where players can duke it out in Survival and Team Survival modes on classic Rainbow Six maps.

Be on the lookout for this game as it is scheduled to be released this holiday season.


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  1. This will be cool… If they can give it the hype that GRAW had, and still keep the visuals looking good on PSP… Wow. That’d be just STUNNING…

    I hope it plays nice. I don’t like Rainbox Six.

  2. Looks good.

    I liked the PS2 and PC versions of Rainbow Six, It wasnt my favorite, but i liked it.

    Hope this plays like Syphon Filter

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