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No price cutAfter rumors of a price cut for the PSP emerged, a Sony spokesperson told GameIndustry.biz that they have no plans to cut the price of the PSP.

The rumor started when industry analyst P.J. McNealy told CNN Money that a price cut for the PSP during the second half of the year was imminent. PSP news websites including this one quickly picked it up and ran with it, but a Sony UK spokesperson dismissed the rumours saying: “Currently we have no plans to cut the price of the PSP at this time.”

Some analyst predict that Sony will slash the prices on the PlayStation 2 in time for the holidays, but we all know how reliable these predictions are don’t we?


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  1. Shame. I was hoping it would sway the haters.

  2. I told u that they would not

  3. They still might, why would they want to announce it? Everybody thinking about buying a PSP now would then just wait until the price cut and Sony would lose out on revenue.

  4. Eventually there will be.

    I’m betting on PS3 launch. They NEED to lower it for Chrsitmas to…*sigh*…”gain ground” in that bullshit “war”

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