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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe vice president Phil Harrison revealed on thursday that they have been using the free downloads of Wipeout Pure as a test case, Sony would be moving to a pay-per-download model for extra content next year. “It’s an experiment which has turned out to be a good experiment,” he told UK-based Edge magazine.

Edge also quotes Harrison as saying that Sony is in the process of setting up a digital rights management system for PSP content. Like iTunes, this system will allow gamers to pay for content once and download it multiple times. While Harrison didn’t identify what kind of content would be available for download, it would presumably be similar to the Wipeout Pure content, which included new vehicles, levels, and menu skins.


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  1. Well, this can be easily solved by having the consumers hold their ground firmly and NOT DOWNLOAD any content that has a charge associated with it.

    So, it’s not enough that we’ve paid a premium for the games, now you want to bleed us out of more money by charging for game extras? C’mon, Sony! Don’t expect that many people to pay. Not to mention all the hackers that will attempt to break whatever security measures you will have implemented. It will only be a matter of time.

    And we thought Sony was helping gain PSP fans by its generosity. Meh!

  2. now we have to pay 50 euro for a game knowing that youll have to pay more for downloads which is like you only get about half a game and to pay extra for the rest of the game
    i was just about to post this avfc67

  3. Wow, what a great way to look at things. “Our FREE downloads were a success, therefore, charging for downloads will be a success too!” I’m sorry Sony, but anyone who has the logic of a 10-year-old can figure out that that is absolutely absurd! I’m all in for the boycott. I paid enough for my PSP by itself!

  4. I agree with everyone, Sony is being stupid here, hardly anyone is going to download anything if we have to pay for it. Where I live, its £180 for the PSP and £40 for a game, so that’s £220 before you can download any content for the game you bought with the PSP. Stupid idea, Sony, well done.

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