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spore.jpgWill Wright, the acclaimed brain behind The Sims and Sim City, has had a rough couple of years. His long-time-coming creature feature sim game, Spore, has had the eye of the PC gaming crowd for too long

The PC crazies have been clamoring for it, demanding it and violently responding in message boards and blogs regarding its continued delay (despite never actually having an official date). After multiple Game of the Show awards Spore finally has a release date.

September 7th will see Spore hit shelves, and it can’t come soon enough. The game looks to be one of the deepest simulations ever and we’re willing to give Wright the benefit of the doubt until we’ve seen the game in its final form – until then, keep an eye on Nukoda for more info, videos and a future review.

Spore will appear on PC, with a spinoff version appearing on the Nintendo DS and Wireless devices. You can preorder it on Amazon now.


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  1. Since my laptop can’t handle the game most likely, i’ll be picking this up for the PSP if any when it comes.

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