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The famous RPG series, Elder Scrolls, is headed for the PSP. This new game will be entitled The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion, and will not be a simple port. Not too much is known, but unfortunately, previous handheld versions of the series on N-Gage and mobile phones also bore the “Elder Scrolls Travels” prefix. I am praying that this edition of Travels will be much better than the previous games bearing the moniker. I love Oblivion on my Xbox 360, and can’t wait to be able to take it on the road with me. 1Up has mentioned that more information will be announced in the November issue of the Official Playstation Magazine. This issue sounds like it’s becoming one of the single best issues ever, also containing a playable demo of Guitar Hero II, and Killzone Liberation for the PSP. This new game is set for release Spring 2007.


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  1. OK, has anyone else out there heard about that new psp… you know the one with the 4-8 gigs built in to it? it is comming out in like november… in japan

  2. well, the game is gonna be fricken sweet but the psp already has 4 gigs built in, its called Internal memory, its what you save your firmware updates to and such. so yeah, the psp with the memory built in is the one we all have already…

  3. hell yeah!

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