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I have many happy memories of coming home from school to plop down in front of the tv to watch some Transformers before dinner. Unfortunately, this is one of those iconic shows that doesn’t hold up well to the test of time. I recently tried to watch the old cartoon but ended up shutting it off in disgust, it might have been better for me to remain ignorant of the truly bad quality and just remember it in the hazy golden glow from childhood.

From the looks of things, this game will not be following very closely in the footsteps of the old ’80’s cartoon series, instead being based on the news series currently being shown on Cartoon Network. The graphics look pretty amazing, and from what I’ve read, the game play sounds like it’ll definitely be worth checking out.  It’s a side-scrolling platform game with some racing scenes thrown in for good measure. You get control of one of four different Autobots: Optimus Prime, Prowl, Bulkhead or Bumblebee and are able to switch between them instantaneously as the puzzles in the game demand their different skills. 

Check out the press release after the jump.

Based on Cartoon Network’s animated television series of the same name, TRANSFORMERS Animated, available exclusively on the Nintendo DS™, under license from Hasbro, delivers an exciting action-adventure experience. As they blast through DECEPTICON-controlled hoverbots, players attempt to solve challenging teamwork-based puzzles and race through the motorways of a futuristic Detroit, dodging on-coming traffic while seamlessly changing between robot and vehicle-form. Fans take control of all their favourite AUTOBOT characters, including OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, BULKHEAD and PROWL, as they work together to reclaim the lost fragments of the Allspark before the DECEPTICONS intercept it and claim Cybertron as their own.

• Adventure beyond the animated series – Gamers experience TRANSFORMERS Animated in a whole new way in this action-adventure game based on the animated series and featuring several of the characters and environments fans enjoy.

• Play as your favourite AUTOBOT characters – Players instantly switch between AUTOBOT team members using their special skills and unique individualised weapons to overcome enemies and challenges. They can take down a boss with OPTIMUS PRIME, outrace foes with BUMBLEBEE, break down barriers with BULKHEAD or outmanoeuvre enemies with PROWL.

• It’s all about teamwork – Faced with a number of challenging side-scrolling puzzles, fans must utilise each AUTOBOT team member to solve problems. Working as a team and combining the abilities of each AUTOBOT is the key to recovering all three Allspark shards before the DECEPTICONS.

• Speed through the Detroit motorways – Gamers experience slot-car racing-inspired driving at high speeds as they race through a fictitious 22nd century Detroit in several fast-paced driving challenges.

Publisher: Activision Publishing, Inc.

Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement

Release Date: October 2008


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  1. This can’t be worse than the double DS release of the movie trash, can it?

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