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Star Wars: Lethal Alliance

All the Star Wars films have been made; now it’s up to game developers to tell the untold stories. Ubisoft’s newly announced Star Wars: Lethal Alliance is one such story. It takes place between Episode III and IV and tells the story of how a Twi’lek mercenary named Rianna Saren stole the Death Star plans for the Rebellion. You will play as Rianna Saren accompanied by her security droid, Zeeo, and travel across the galaxy to familiar locations such as Coruscant, Tatoonie, and the Death Star as well as never-before-seen locations such as Despayre and Danuta. All the while, you’ll be blasting your way through stormtroopers and Empire droids. Sadly, Rianna is not a Jedi and you will not have a lightsaber or the Force by your side. Check out GameSpot’s Q&A for more information.



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  1. It’s Star Wars…You’ll find a lightsaber.

    I hope ๐Ÿ™‚

    I always wanted a game where the character was like “WTF?! How do I use this thing?” and had super-sloppy form… Yay? Here’s hoping!

  2. Well sorry to burst your bubble man, but there isn’t any light saber wielding in this game. Shes a merc so it’s all guns.

  3. I know… That’s why I said “Here’s Hoping”


  4. We can always hope a dev will put ina cheat enabling lightsabers!

  5. Lightsabers are too complex for PSP’s controls.

  6. Any1 know what happened to Revenge of the Sith coming out on the psp?

  7. gifaladick,

    Battlefront 2 for the psp didnt really focus on the lightsabres, but they seemed to pull it off okay…

  8. hello there my fellow jedi

    i wanted to know what game consoles this game will be coming out on so if u would be so kind to tell me on this message board i will be thank full


    signed jedi elder

  9. Lethal Alliance is a PSP exclusive game, so you won’t see this coming out on your ps2 ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Now quite. It’s coming out for DS as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Its a good idea that you’ll be playing a merc, rather than a padawan jedi.I hope the controls are good. Interesting that its set between episode 3 and 4.
    But serioulsy there are too many star wras games

  12. star wars game…. no lightsabers…. sounds terrible

  13. what is it getting hammered .. this sounds like the original Dark forces, and anyway if it’s set between 3 and 4, she can’t be a jedi o Luke would know about it.

  14. i hope it will be like the original battlefront, set for just ps2 then spreads consoles

    i can only hope

  15. well i won’t be buying it if it dosnt have lightsabers. It will probley suck!!!!!

  16. I was very excited when I first heard about a new Star Wars game where the main character would not be forced into the over explored role of a Jedi. The universe in which these sagas takes place is an incredibly diverse and alien, and should be exploited by a great many viewpoints. The reoccurring theme of playing light saber wielding force users was becoming dull and overused. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this game was not going to be made available for the P.S.2. or even for the P.C. I am an avid gammer and a true Star Wars fan, but because I do not poses any of the consoles that are supporting this game, I will be deprived of this new vision on the Star Wars universe. It is truly a shame because if this game was made available for P.S.2 or the P.C. I would have gone out and bought it at once. I know that there are many more people out there in similar situations. Ultimately I feel that you have a great idea, but poor execution. Youรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve lost out on a great many customers, because the fans of Star Wars are not just regulated to the portable consuls.

  17. well, i dont have enough for a psp, and i love star wars, im cursed with a ds, so im exited about the new game

  18. Im lucky enough to have and xbox so dont curse your ds

  19. Not all star wars games have to have lightsabers to be cool, there is much more to star wars than just the force and lightsabers.

  20. PSP have set out a good couple of SW games if lethal alliance is any good in reviews and has graphics as good as the screenshots my game cards going to be used in the near future. I got Knights of the old republic and thought hey soldier in the republic without any force or lightsabers this might be okay but alas i was wrong you turn out to be a super evil villian with amnesia. i agree with darth sarge although star wars is famed for the glowing swords they also got a rep for the guns and huge ships

  21. i like the clone army beter than the jedi sure they have very shiny sowrds but they dont have cool armor. i hope they come up with a game for psp that its focused on the clone wars that would be kick ass

  22. thats what republic commando and battlefront 1 and 2 are for (clone troopers)

  23. Hi, I have mostly every console and I LOVE Star wars and im typing this from my psp so if lucas arts put in multyplay i will be jumping for joy

  24. the real darth revan

    put in sum bloomin lightsabers god dammit !!!!!!!!!!!!
    star wars is nuffin without lightsabers

  25. I hope in this game will add lightsabers,or this game will sucks!!!!

  26. You say that you need to have lightsabers in a star wars game, but what if they made a Han Solo centered game. It’d be great even though you wouldn’t wield a lightsaber.

  27. the game’s cool if just bought it. nice move’s and good control’s best star wars game on the psp

  28. darthsmithagentsmith

    Game sounds great and the game play and locations sound even better. True Star Wars fans will love it.

  29. I bought this game a few days ago but was disappointed when i found out that u couldnt use a lightsaber. It is still an awesome game. U can do really cool dodges and stunts and sometimes goes into slow motion. Overall i think its a pretty good game. ALthough i do still prefer battlefront 2.

  30. I received the game for reviewen, and I must say it is a cool game. Nice graphics, nice new moves and cool cooperation between the girl and the bot.

    I played mode ‘easy’ (easy – normal – hard) and finished the game under 15 hours. There was no fun in that. I’ll be playing it again next week mode hard …

    It’s worth buying, but not at the price they want for it, so wait another month or so and you’ll see the price will drop!

    Game on!

  31. You’re all wrong. it isnt just merc, guns , you do have a “Thorn” which is a blade that is the same as a lightsaber, just looks different.

  32. Its cool but still needs lightsabers

  33. is there any unlimited health cheat out there yet im a sissy jedi lol

  34. What obowt this game

    on the PC???????????????????I don’t have a psp…I have a PC!

  35. Richinel groundwalker

    hmmm well i need the lightsaber action…it is starwars…not battlefield 2045 haaqha

  36. Knock it off about the lightsabers, already. How much ‘saber action was there altogether in A New Hope? I’d say less than 4 minutes. And what’s with this Twi’Lek chick stealing Death Star plans? I think the was my FIRST MISSION in the original Dark Forces…

  37. thank you metal meister, kyle katarn was the one who stole the original death star plans. that was a sweet game by the way. graphics sucked, but sweet game

  38. ANY Star Wars game will be a good game. Stuff gets blown up. Who could ask for more?

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