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We have an interesting week coming for the PlayStation VR! First off we have the much-anticipated I Expect You To Die, move on to a puzzler set in New York then on to a relaxing chill out experience. The PSVR enables o many different experiences, it’s no wonder we are still so excited to see what each new week brings!

I Expect You to Die
PSVR — Digital

James Bond meets Job Simulator is how I’ve been describing this to friends. Take on the game’s puzzles while avoiding death. We are incredibly excited for this release here, watch this space for more and checkout the DeREZD podcast for our gameplay thoughts.

Fat City VR
PSVR — Digital (Friday release)

I’ve included some gameplay from the Oculus version below. Not sure what to think of this one, it seems like a fast paced puzzler with a minimalist graphic style. Interesting.

PSVR — Digital

Being billed as a Digital Experience, Perfect lets you chill and explore 3 unique worlds: Tropical Beach, Northern Lights and Mountain Wilderness. You can set the time of day and your vantage point. We aren’t sure how much “gameplay” will be included. The jury is still out on this one, but it’s $10 price point may be enough for me to simply pick this up to show VR newbies!

Are you picking up any VR titles this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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