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We have a couple heavy hitters coming out to the PlayStation VR platform this week. As a nice treat both of these titles from AAA studios are releasing both digitally and in retail! I prefer digital so I can quickly pop in and out of various experiences, but I know a lot of you out there like physical. Nice to see publishers giving us the choice.

Eagle Flight
PS VR — Digital and Retail

Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight has you taking on the role of an eagle living in Paris 50 years after all humans have disappeared. No, really! What the story lacks in reality is made up for in pure adrenaline. This game was hyped at this past E3 on the floor and during the pressers. From what I’ve been reading from people who played it then as well as well as now, is that this game will be a pulse pounding flying adventure. Play capture the flag or death matches against the AI or other players online. Fly inches from the ground, or up to the clouds. Sounds like a rush, if you are curious checkout the trailer below!

Robinson: The Journey
PS VR — Digital, Retail

What do you get when you cross space travel, exploration, dinosaurs, and Crytek? If you didn’t answer awesomeness, well there may be no helping you. The studio that brought you Far Cry and Crysis is here with their first full VR title. With this being more of an adventure game than some of their other releases, Crytek is bringing us the amazing graphics that they are known for to the PlayStation VR. I’m hearing that this game is a little on the short side, so keep that in mind before snapping this one up. We are also seeing some pricing weirdness… some sites have the game at a full $60, while some have been able to pick it up for $40 + their Prime or BestBuy GCU discount. Look for those deals people!

Are you picking up any VR titles this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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