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So you really want to play God of War on your PSP, huh? Maybe you don’t have the money to buy it, the parents cheaped out, or perhaps you’re just incredibly cheap. Lucky for you Nukoda and PGRevolution are here to hook you up like two topless and randy Greek vixens.

We’re giving away a free copy of God of War: Chains of Olympus because we liked it so much and want to spread the love. Our review copy was so good to us that we want it to share its gruesome, gritty Greek-God action with the readers and listeners of the Bmashers network. How do you get in?

Check it after the jump.

It’s that easy. Follow these simple rules, make sure we can get a hold of you, and you’re a sure-shot in our random drawing! Anyone 17 and older can enter – sorry kids, this is an M rated game, and unfortunately we’re going to limit this contest to North America.

(Give us a break, EU! This is our first ever give-away. If you’re clever enough, maybe you can get one of your NA buds to hook you up.)

If you want to increase your chances, visit the forum after you leave a comment, then e-mail us to triple your odds of winning our random draw, but try to avoid leaving 40 comments and e-mail spamming us – that will cripple your chances (you’ll be disqualified). Get the entries in before the March 31st deadline and you’re gold!

Thanks guys, and good luck!


About the author: Mitchell Dyer


Mitchell Dyer is an Alberta, Canada-based Reviews and Previews Editor for Nukoda.com, as well as a freelance videogame word typer with Official Xbox Magazine and OXMOnline.com where he writes reviews, features and more nonsense.


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  1. Hey guys good site you have here. Here’s to hoping I win GoW, I really want this game!

  2. Hey guys (and/or girls)
    I really want this game but my parents are being cheap and not buying it for me! I hope i win!!!

  3. Hey guys, I love your podcasts (psp and ds:life) and I hope I win this game!

  4. hey i loved the first one and cant wait to try this one, hop i win ty.

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