While no achievement of any magnitude in the combining-assorted-letters-to-form-words genre can eclipse the status of Scrabble, Blockdot’s new partnership with the Windows Live Search engine has produced an enjoyable new game called Word Duel.  In Word Duel, the player selects a group of letter “tiles” (think Scrabble) and uses them to form a word, with a timer to ensure speediness (sitting back on each word for hours is not permitted).  Because of this timer, the games progresses quickly through each player’s six words.  The game concludes with a bonus round, where there are more letters to choose from and the words created can be longer (we came up with ‘roasted’ while our opponent countered with ‘rustled’).  Furthermore, cheaters are easily thwarted via a Live Search result and “dictionary.com” of each word used, so you’ll know when something is unreal as Epic’s engine.

In our experience, the chatrooms were populated with other vocab-lovers eager to bust out some exceptional words. There were no shortage of people to challenge, and assuming you know language fairly well, matches were pretty close.

Word Duel joins other Blockdot games Chicktionary, Crosswire, Flexicon, and Discover the World with Matt Lauer, on Windows Live Search. We’ll see you online.


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