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While no achievement of any magnitude in the combining-assorted-letters-to-form-words genre can eclipse the status of Scrabble, Blockdot’s new partnership with the Windows Live Search engine has produced an enjoyable new game called Word Duel.  In Word Duel, the player selects a group of letter “tiles” (think Scrabble) and uses them to form a word, with a timer to ensure speediness (sitting back on each word for hours is not permitted).  Because of this timer, the games progresses quickly through each player’s six words.  The game concludes with a bonus round, where there are more letters to choose from and the words created can be longer (we came up with ‘roasted’ while our opponent countered with ‘rustled’).  Furthermore, cheaters are easily thwarted via a Live Search result and “dictionary.com” of each word used, so you’ll know when something is unreal as Epic’s engine.

In our experience, the chatrooms were populated with other vocab-lovers eager to bust out some exceptional words. There were no shortage of people to challenge, and assuming you know language fairly well, matches were pretty close.

Word Duel joins other Blockdot games Chicktionary, Crosswire, Flexicon, and Discover the World with Matt Lauer, on Windows Live Search. We’ll see you online.


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  1. we want word duel back????

  2. why cant i play word duel i really enjoyed the game

    Thank You

  4. It is amazing to me that Word Duel was taken away when so many people thoroughly enjoyed the game. And they took away another of my favorites, Picture This. Both games were interactive and fast paced and now all we are left with is the most boring games, some of them with so few tickets offered that they are not worth playing. How insane. Whoever is manning the boat on this one is gonna cause it to sink.

  5. Hi


  6. Why in the world did they take Word Duel off? It was the best game and all that is left on this site are games that are boring and I would never play. I don’t understand their reasoning?? Who makes such stupid decisions??? Bring it back – PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What happened to word due. You have got to be kidding me!

  8. You can play the exact same game as Word Duel without the western theme at http://www.kewlbox.com

    It’s called JinkyPOP. You don’t have to register a username, you can play as a guest, if you like. We have the word out to former Word Duel players, and you will find many of your friends from Club Bing playing JinkyPOP at KewlBox. See you there~

  9. Still waiting for Word Duel to come back…I’ve asked a few times as to when the game will come back and all I get is the same generic answer…that you will bring it back sometime in the future….I’d like to know exactly when you expect that to be?


  11. Word duel was the best best game ever. When they changed from live game search club to club bing there was a problem with the game and then the game went downhill from there. I also would like to know who makes the bad decisions and also suggest that before removing a game a poll should be taken to see what game the users would like removed. Because we are the people/players that play these games. Again we are all very disappointed that the best game was taken away I would have preferred spelling bee or even chicktionary. BRING BACK WORD DUEL ASAP. I KNOW I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE COMPLAINING. THANK YOU

  12. loveeeeeeeeeedd<3 word duel why did they take it away from club bing i miss it i used to beat eveybody i miss that to now bring it back now

  13. Icant believe you took word duel away.Please bring it back asap

  14. We want word duel back asap I am have with drawal need soon!!!

  15. This new version of Word Duel stinks!!! It can be a close game all the way through until the final round and so many, many times, my opponent gets great letters (z, w, k, etc.) and I get crappy ones – all blue. It isn’t fair. Why can’t they make it like the old version. I am losing interest.

  16. Does anyone read these comments or are we wasting our time?????

  17. Just to clarify, this post is over a year old. New content is constantly going up on Nukoda, feel free to comment the newer articles too.

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