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  • Parental Guidance #1: Curious Villages and Geeks in Disguise


    After 20 minutes of doing the same puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village, my mother looks up at me with glowing eyes as she tries to suppress shouting “I’ve got it!”. We’ve been on each of our DS’ doing the exact same puzzle about four hours in to the puzzle happy Nintendo DS game for what seems like an eternity. She doesn’t hear me ask “well, what is it?” as she gazes in to her bottom screen, her focus entirely on the cinema bridging the submission of the answer, and the “Hey, dummy, you failed again” screen.

    I hear Luke, that little bugger, apologize for what is no doubt the 50th time that night. “I’ve let you dowwwwwn, Professor…” he moans.


    I moan too, as I get fed up with the game, close my polar portable, and head off to bed. I don’t even think she noticed I left, since I didn’t get a response to my “goodnight”. A few minutes later, I hear her head off to bed too, assuming she quit the frustrating brain-teaser like I did. The next day, I get to hear her gloat about how she knows the answer to “that stupid puzzle”, as well as the next four hours worth of them. In one day of owning and playing Professor Layton, my mother has blaster past me in to the fifth chapter, leaving me behind in what still feels like the prologue.

    Not only did she double my play time overnight, she proved to me that she’s a complete and total gaming geek.


  • Too Human In March-April “Coming Soon” Timeframe?

    xbox-coming-soon.jpg’s upcoming release calendar bared a little tidbit of interest to us this morning. On the main page, eight “coming soon” titles appear above the list, most of which are being released in the this-week-to-April release window.

    The Club, Condemned 2, Bully, MLB 2K8, Frontlines: Fuel of War and Dynasty Warriors 6 and the highly anticipated GTA IV all flaunt their boxart at the top of the page and are being released within the next month, save for the April release of Grand Theft Auto. But something else stuck out, glistening, and shouting for attention – Too Human.

    The cybernetic action title based on Norse mythology has been in the making since 1999, and after almost a decade, it looks like – if this calendar is to be believed – that it’s finally coming out.

    Appearing in’s release calendar with a set of games that are either already released or are very close to hitting shelves gives us hope that Too Human will finally have a set release date sometime by the end of April. It would be flat out foolish to compete with the GTA juggernaut, so we’re rootin’ for a May release date.

  • Hands On: XNA – The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

    dead-samurai-xna-2.jpgComing out of GDC today was the release of playable XNA games for the Xbox 360. After over a year, Microsoft has finally brought the software to the public in an easy-to-access download via Xbox Live Marketplace, and while the content is currently limited to trials of seven games, the quality of them shocked us to the core.

    The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, as far as we can tell, is pretty much the most badass human creation ever made. Suplexing super-samurais who partake in gruesome zombie dismemberment and secret agent gun-in-the-face executions are only a taste of what this beautiful stylized 2D action title has to offer.

    Fast paced, hardcore metal helps flare up the crazy intensity of the simple, but surprisingly deep combat. While you’re only ever fighting one or two baddies at a time, don’t expect Dishwasher to be a cake-walk, even if the protagonist is the ultimate example of pure manliness.

    It’s worth noting that James Silva, the game’s creator, did the entire thing on his own. Like by himself. Alone.

    Right on.


  • Gears of War 2 Announced

    Gears of WarMicrosoft announced that Xbox exclusive franchise, Gears of War, will get a sequel in November.

    The announcement came from Microsoft’s GDC keynote, where Epic Games’ Tim Sweeny showed off the Unreal Engine 3, and Cliff Bleszinski unveiled a brief teaser trailer.

    No gameplay details were revealed at the conference, although the teaser does hint at some hot-as-hell looking chainsaw swordfightin’!

  • Toshiba Cans HD-DVD

    Xbox 360 HD-DVD Add OnToshiba officially announced Tuesday that they’re pulling the plug on their suffering HD-DVD business.

    Sony’s competing Blu-Ray format is now the last one standing in the high definition format wars. Production of HD-DVD players will come to a halt at the end of March, in what Toshiba’s President, Atsutoshi Nishida, describes as “a heartbreaking decision.”

    There has been much speculation that the format was doomed to fail – last week, retail giant Wal-Mart announced that they would no longer offer HD-DVDs.

    Nishida claims the turning point was when Warner Bros announced their Blu-Ray exclusivity. In the last few months, Blu-Ray sales have continued upwards, and the Blu-Ray compatible PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 for the first time last month.

    Blu-Ray is the undisputed champion, having defeated its sole opponent in the format war.

  • GDC ’08 Preview

    The Game Developers Conference started in 1986, when a group of developers came together to collaborate and share ideas.  The conference is the biggest annual gathering for developers, where the industry’s best rub shoulders under one roof.  

    This year’s GDC is being held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California.  It is estimated that 16,000 attendees will participate in lectures, panels and presentations through the duration of the coming week. In an interview with G4TV,  Executive Director of GDC, Jamil Moledina said,“the biggest challenge for us is keeping it fresh and keeping up with trends in the industry.  This year’s Emotion Summit will deal with online gaming and social interaction.”

    It is time to gear up for the Game Developers Conference of 2008 with Nukoda.  

  • New Report on Console Failure Rates

    Red Ring of DeathThere are few things more frustrating than dealing with the extraneously overcomplicated repair process for an expensive console.

    Xbox 360 continues to suffer more than its share of hardware issues, but Microsoft retains that the failure rate is within the industry standard of 5%.  A new study – with a sample size of 1000 consoles – from warranty company SquareTrade , claims that the failure rate of the Xbox 360 are as high as 16%. SquareTrade CEO Steve Abernethy suspects that “Overheating is the culprit” and “the majority of Xbox 360 consoles [that have failed] have the original motherboard design.”

    The motherboards have since had an overhaul by Microsoft to lower the failure rates, still Abernethy predicts that Xbox 360 failure rates will continue to rise. 

    The Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii had a 3% failure rate in SqaureTrade’s studies.   

  • Burnout Paradise, Reviewed [Xbox 360]


    Burnout Paradise developer Criterion has given you the key to Paradise City, where traffic is appropriately paranoid and nitrous boost is the primary export. While initially slapped behind the wheel of a “beater” for a muscle car, you’ll work your way up the racing ranks through a series of events that stray from traditional three lap tracks in order to progress through this free-roaming, do-what-you-want racing game.

    Access to Stunt Runs, Road Rages and Marked Man events – bank points for doing crazy tricks, take out all opposing drivers and surviving a race where you’re the only takedown target, respectively – is granted via city traffic lights. With over 200 intersections, you’re not exactly strapped for things to do, and the events, including the aforementioned regular races, are a ton of fun.

    Unfortunately, always having something to do is Burnout Paradise’s biggest problem.


  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

    Guitar HeroActivision has announced that the next interation in the popular Guitar Hero franchise will feature music exclusively from Aerosmith.  The game is titled Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and will be released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii at an unconfirmed date in the month of June.

    The game will feature a narrative that follows Aerosmith’s real career from smalltime gigs to superstardom. There is no official word yet on if the game will feature any peripherals, but following so closely behind the release of Guitar Hero III, one would suspect the game will use the perfectly competent Les Paul controller.

    Aerosmith fans can now rock on and dream on simultaneously.  

  • EA Confirms Next Burnout and Skate for 2009

    Electronic Arts LogoElectronic Arts president Frank Gibeau has confirmed that the next installment in the Burnout series and a sequel for this year’s Skate were in the lineup for the fiscal year of 2009, which runs from April 2008 until March 2009.

    Gibeau cited the significant dent Skate made in the credibility of Activision’s long-running Tony Hawk franchise as the reason for the sequel. As an aside, Gibeau addressed Mass Effect, stating,

    “it will be an EA franchise for a long time”

    This announcement coming despite BioWare previously calling Mass Effect a trilogy. This information, coming hot on the heels of the Spore date announcement, will undoubtedly put EA on the path for success in the coming year.