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  • Spore Dated. Finally.

    spore.jpgWill Wright, the acclaimed brain behind The Sims and Sim City, has had a rough couple of years. His long-time-coming creature feature sim game, Spore, has had the eye of the PC gaming crowd for too long

    The PC crazies have been clamoring for it, demanding it and violently responding in message boards and blogs regarding its continued delay (despite never actually having an official date). After multiple Game of the Show awards Spore finally has a release date.

    September 7th will see Spore hit shelves, and it can’t come soon enough. The game looks to be one of the deepest simulations ever and we’re willing to give Wright the benefit of the doubt until we’ve seen the game in its final form – until then, keep an eye on Nukoda for more info, videos and a future review.

    Spore will appear on PC, with a spinoff version appearing on the Nintendo DS and Wireless devices. You can preorder it on Amazon now.

  • Professor Layton Impressions (DS)

    layton-boxart.jpgWhere Cherry was hypnotized by a mere e-mail, prompting her to research like a mad-woman, Professor Layton and the Curious Village has me in a trance as well. Five puzzles in to the 2D adventure and I am losing my mind, figuratively and literally.

    The Studio Ghibli visual style blends with a Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas influence absolutely perfectly. There are few visual combinations that could outshine this one. I’m crazy for it, and the difficult puzzles have me pulling my hair out. I’m losing it, and I love it.


  • Liberty City Virtual Tour

    Grand Theft Auto IVRockstar Games has updated their Grand Theft Auto IV website with new media and a clickable map. The map showcases some of Liberty City’s attractions complete with screenshots and a description of each locale.

    The new screens are accompanied with commercial video segments, proving definitively that Grand Theft Auto‘s irreverent humor has made a gallant return, ready to face off against culture as we know it.

    You can check it out for yourself here. Come along, everyone through the age gate.

  • Turok, Reviewed [Xbox 360]


    Turok is a game with a lot of potential. A challenging campaign, astounding visuals, prehistoric predators and gruesome gore-geysers erupting at the business end of the series’ signature hunting knife are just a scratch on the surface of the game’s amazing potential. Turok is also a game with a lot of problems.

    The challenging campaign descends into “frustration” from “fun” quickly and becomes immediately unenjoyable; questionable AI will have you screaming “what?” at the top of your lungs and the sparse whenever-it-feels-like-it save system will have the hurling controllers through the wall. Only the hardest-core FPS gamer need apply.


  • Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Impressions

    Bad Game Design Invades New York City Ross’ Impressions

    World War II first person shooters is arguably the most overused genre in games. This could be the main reason why Turning Point: Fall of Liberty‘s underwhelming gameplay is such a devastating blow. The game’s unique premise had the potential for originality in the onslaught of mediocre WWII titles. Nazi’s, the most overused enemy in videogame history, are the stars of Turning Point. They swoop battle-ready into New York City at the end of WWII as a result of Winsoton Churchill’s death in this alt-history shooter. As a construction worker, it is your job to lead the resistance and save America from pending doom. Sounds interesting, right?

    Too bad all the weapons your poor hero is equipped with feel like Fisher Price toys when fired.


  • Hands On Preview: L the ProLogue to Death Note

    death-note-l-game-boxart.jpgFebruary 7th, 2008 saw the release of the Japan-only Death Note Nintendo DS prequel game, L the ProLogue to Death Note. Konami’s first-person point-and-click adventure title brings back memories of the recent mystery-murder game, Hotel Dusk, and stars one of Death Note‘s most revered and well known characters, the elusive crime-solving “L”.

    As a rookie FBI agent, you will engage in battles of wit with foes, as well as disarm a number of uniquely constructed bombs with an array of items littered throughout the environment as you attempt to escape a seedy hotel with the assistance of L. Being that the entire game is in Japanese text, we relied on luck since L’s voice-over dialogue and written words weren’t able to help us comprehend what the hell to do.


  • Burnout Paradise Requires Hard-Drive for Online Play

    burnout-paradise-xbox-360-boxart-nukoda-com.jpgXbox 360 Arcade Pack gamers were dismayed to learn that they lost a part of their investment when they got home and fired up Burnout Paradise last week.

    One of the game’s bullet-point features touted the ability to “freeburn” online, allowing players to tear up Paradise City with up to eight friends. Too bad these unfortunate gamers won’t be getting a piece of this action; without an Xbox 360 hard-drive, players are unable to utilize the game’s online capabilities.



  • Canada Gets Inside Xbox in Dashboard Update

    dashboard.jpgWhile there was no prompt, warning or download required, Canadian Xbox Live subscribers were treated to a revitalized version of their Xbox Live Dashboard menu today. The most notable addition is definitely Inside Xbox, a feature available since the Fall Dashboard Update in the States, allows subscribers to sneak-a-peak at what’s new in the Xbox world from game releases, new demos and pro-tips from Major Nelson.

    While it’s nothing worth writing home about, it’s a cool feature and the little things are always appreciated. While Americans reading this are bamboozled as to why anyone cares, we hope some Canadian out there is rejoicing.

  • Call Of Duty 4 soon to Expand

    That’s right! Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will soon have more maps available to download. Infinity Ward’s Community Manager, Robert Bowling explains, “We’ve demonstrated our commitment to delivering the best multiplayer experience in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and that continues with our plans for new downloadable content. We’re excited about the new maps, and the added gameplay variety, and we can’t wait to wrap things up and get online with everyone.”


     This is great news for the best selling game of last year. We are not sure of the price of this content, but we will let you know when news has been released.

  • Jackass The Game, Reviewed [DS]

    jackass-ds.jpgJackass the Game offers exactly what you might expect out of the long-since-played-out franchise: pain. The limited 3D environment players will aimlessly wander looking for minigame-like events to impress the Jackass crew is a poorly rendered mess, with characters and vehicles littered throughout for you to interact with. Offering limited amounts of fun and nothing worthwhile, you’d best look elsewhere for sadistic entertainment.