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  • PSP Podcast #2

    PSP Podcast #2 is now ready and available for download.

    In this issue I cover:

    Game Mini-Reviews

    • Ape Escape
    • Lumines

    Accessory Reviews

    • Logitech Playgear Portable Case

    Software Reviews

    • MioMediaBox for PSP v1.0

    As well as give some more info on this podcast and when it will be available. Look for text reviews of all the above items soon.

    If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it directly [mp3 15min 7.5mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator. You can find the link to the podcast RSS feed in the sidebar. Enjoy!

  • PSP Hacks Roundup

    Engadget has collected a great series of links to PSP “hack” articles. Hack in this case is being used in its truest form, at least as it applies to technology. These are kludges to get the PSP to do something it was not intended to do. Not all of them are kludges though, some of them are quite clever and elegant solutions to complex problems.

  • PSP Future Features?

    There’s an interesting article I found that talks about potential future features of the Sony PSP. All of the suggestions have come from users of the device looking for ways to extend its usefulness. Check it out in full over at I4U News.

  • More free media for your PSP

    Looks like a few more companies will be releasing content in the PSP format in the near future. Here are a couple links of free and not so free content that will soon be available.

    The first is 155 pages of downloadable manga from

    The entire first chapters of the four flagship Seven Seas titles — Amazing Agent Luna, Blade for Barter, Last Hope and No Man’s Land — have been made available on for manga fans to download and read via the Sony PSP’s built-in photo viewer. Each special preview consists of thirty to forty pages of story and gives readers on-the-go the perfect opportunity to sample the Seven Seas titles.

    All visitors need do to access this free content is to visit, download their choice of four zip files and simply follow the included instructions for transfering the manga to their PSP’s memory stick.

    The second is from of all places:

    from CNN:

    We know that many Playboy fans are also gaming enthusiasts who are likely to buy this type of device, so it was a natural progression for us to design this,” said John. D. Thomas, editor of, in a statement.

    Two non-nude galleries of 15 photos and a 2-3 minute video feature (both featuring 2005’s Cyber Girl of the Year Amy Sue Cooper) will be available free on Only subscribers to the site’s “Cyber Club” will have access to the nude shots, which will also be available in two nude galleries and one video.

    It’s great to see content being released for the PSP so soon after it’s launch. This will only mean good things for the future of the PSP.

  • PSP Podcast #1

    The first PSP Podcast is now available. The PSP podcast is a weekly report on all the latest utilities, hardware, and games released for Sony’s PSP. More and more features will be added as the weeks go on, so stay tuned! This is just an introductory podcast as we are still gathering content to present, but give it a listen and subscribe to the podcast RSS feed so you will automatically get all the new issues.

    You can either download it directly [mp3 3min 2.5mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator. You can find the link to the Podcast RSS feed in the sidebar. I prefer iPodder as my podcast aggregator to stay upto date with all my favorite podcasts.

  • Mainstream media loves the PSP

    I recieved a couple of emails last night from Lonnie, one of the staff here at PGRevolution. They contained links to some great PSP articles which I hadn’t read before. The neat thing about these particular articles is that they were from mainstream media sites and focused on other aspects of the PSP then it’s game playing ability. Since we are trying to cover all aspects of the PSP I decided to include them below. It’s great to see other sites talking about the more then just the games PSP shipped with, this is the kind of attention Sony needs to gain support from the masses. The media seems to “get” what Sony was trying to do with the PSP. I thought it would take longer then this 🙂

    The Motley Fool – Can PSP Win Over Movie Fans?
    The Boston Globe – Viewing a movie on PSP is all about the action

  • PSPWare 2.0.1 Mini Review

    The past weekend I got around to trying the newly updated PSPWare 2.0.1 to see if my past problems were gone.

    The previous version that I was using was having difficulties transfering images to my PSP on my Mac Mini. Images either would not transfer or would not display properly due to corrupted image headers. This was the first thing that I tested with this new version and I found that I could finally put the 100 or so images from my trip on my PSP without any problems or errors.

    The next thing I tested was the save and restore of various save games, which worked wonderfully. PSPWare has a seperate “Backup” tab where you can keep the last 10, 25, 50 or 100 versions of your save games just in case you would want to go back in time with a game. It of course also allows you to easily drag and drop a new save game in that you may of just downloaded from the net. This is a crutial feature of any PSP sych application, and PSPWare does it right.

    I wasn’t able to give the video or audio syncing a proper test as I’m still running on the puny 32MB card that ships with the PSP. I did try synching a video and single mp3 and it worked as expected, but I would like to see how it handles full playlists coming from iTunes or full DVD or mpeg videos transfers before I can give it a thumbs up for Video or Audio uses. Once my new 1 gig card arrives I’ll be sure to post my thoughts.

    I would reccomend this application to all Mac users as I have found it the most stable and easy to use PSP synching application out there so far.

    [Since writing this article version 2.0.5 was released on the developer’s website]

    Download it: Nullriver’s PSPWare

  • New videos for your PSP

    I’ve been finding it quite cool to see more and more sites offering already PSP formatted videos for download. One of the big problems that I’ve experienced with getting the videos on my PSP has been audio synch problems with the various converters out there. Letting someone else do the dirsty work is nice for a change 😉 Here are some links to check out for yourselves.

    Atom Films – 3 short films for download. – The latest movie trailers, sized to fit on your PSP

  • PSPWare 2.0.1 Released

    Nullriver has just announced the release of PSPWare 2.0.1 for the macintosh. This is a free upgrade to the 1.5 version that many have been using.

    It’ll be interesting to see if this version runs a little bit better on my Mac Mini then 1.5 did. All the images that I transfered to my PSP were corrupted with version 1.5. I’ll check it out and post my thoughts.

    Download it!