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  • Laboko

    GAMELABO Software has released a PSP game save data editor. The editor allows you to edit the save data of PSP games to do all sorts of things like increase stats and unlock special features. […]

  • Sokoban now with Link

    PSP Updates has a new version of Sokoban, this one with a Zelda theme. The initial release has 9 levels but you can edit and create your own levels. Editing the game You can change […]

  • Konami Gamer’s Day 2006

    Today saw the annual Konami Gamer’s Day in San Fransisco where Konami announces new games and allows gamers to play updated versions of games that are due out shortly. As far as our little handheld, […]

  • KDG 2006: Konami Battle Chess

    One of the few games that was only announced and not playable at KDG this year was Konami Battle Chess. You can read both Gamespot’s and IGN’s take on it. Konami did release screenshots but […]

  • Suikoden I + II US Not Confirmed

    1Up.com is reporting that the previously announced Suikoden I + II for the PSP might not be coming to the U.S. The reason this has come up was apparently over the weekend, rumors spread over […]

  • Tokobot Coming to Europe

    Game Info Wire reports that Take-Two and Tecmo announced a European publishing agreement for Tokobot, the quirky platforming game for the PSP. Tokobot is a fantastic first title for the PSP from Tecmo,” said James […]

  • Koei Announces Samurai Warriors for PSP

    1UP is reporting that Koei is planning on releasing Samurai Warriors: State of War for the PSP sometime in March. Samurai Warriors: State of War is the second Dynasty Warriors-esque game the company’s Omega Force […]

  • Peter Jacksons: King Kong Review

    Way back in the hay day of your grandfather’s yesteryear there was a little movie that involved an oversized gorilla, a director, and an actress. Who would have known that years and years later it […]

  • Nyko Announces New Products at CES

    Nyko has announced a new line of gaming products at this years Consumer Entertainment Show (CES). The PSP specific items that are currently on the show floor are: PSP on TV Converter Charger Grips for […]

  • Konami Announces Street Supremacy

    Konami has announced Street Supremacy for PSP. This PSP exclusive game is a team-based racing game that has both single player and multiplayer modes although no word on if it it will be Ad-Hoc or […]