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So we all know that Gameloft is now bringing out 2-3 games a month for iPhone and that quite a few of them are quite impressive.  As a player of pretty much all things that are strategy games the one coming up next week has really gotten my interest.  Rogue Planet seems to have a few things similar to Advance Wars, another turn based strategy game that was awesome!  You can bet that I will be checking this one out.  While we wait for the 24th though, check out this footage:

Now if we can just convince Gameloft to be a little more active in supporting established games that would be great.  (Like Freeplay mode in Settlers, or DLC.)   I guess that is how my love/hate relationship with Gameloft is going to work!  At this point though, I love that they seem to really be pushing the iPhone as a platform, and I cannot wait to give this new one a try!


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