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I’ve been playing Street Fighter since Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike came out back on the original Xbox.  Ever since that spending-spree in Gamestop, I was addicted to fighting games.  Since then, however, I’ve never found a fighting game that really delivered.  Well, let me tell you… Street Fighter IV really delivers in fireballs and kicks to the face.

To start off, the graphics are amazing and top-notch.  Just looking at screenshots had me drooling before purchasing the game, but when things looked way better in motion.  For example, during the super and ultra attacks little things like facial expressions really add to the experience. The first time I noticed a fearful look appear on my fighter’s face when my opponent activated his ultra attack, my jaw literally dropped.

The backgrounds have also been updated and also look stunning.  As you fight, you’ll notice that the backgrounds are acting along with you.  For instance, in the distillery arena, as you’re throwing each other around, you notice the barrels of beer bouncing around intime to the action on the screen.  This type of detail really shows that Capcom put their hearts into this game.

The gameplay is very solid as well.  Of course you have your usual low, medium, and strong punches and kicks. All of these can easily be mapped across your controller (or fight stick, if you shelled out the cash for one) to your liking.  Most moves can be pulled off easily, but others will require some practice with charging and those odd z-motions with the thumbstick.

While Street Fighter IV has so far been a great game, I’ve noted a few problems with it.

  1. Unlocking characters.  Why, oh why, do you have to unlock characters for online play? I would rather have access to all characters, at least for online play.  To make things worse, you have to unlock them in the silliest way possible, which I will get to in my next point…
  2. Seth.  I hate him, and he probably hates me too.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but Seth is just insanely hard to beat.  And you have to beat him to unlock characters, anyway, which makes it even worse.  He teleports around like it’s nothing, grabs you while you’re doing moves, and is just generally evil.
  3. Oh, the menu music sucks… Please, Capcom, change it!

Other than those three problems, the game is solid. I don’t see myself trading in this title any time soon.


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