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If there was a prize for the title that defined value for money the most, 101 in 1 Sports Megamix would be a worthy contender. That said, here at Nukoda, we stand by the idea of Quality over Quantity in our videogames of choice. Can a DS owner really need 101 different sports games squeezed onto one cartridge.

As many of you have probably assumed, each of the vast quantity of sports ‘games’ on offer here would best be described as a ‘microgame’ none of them lasting more than say 2 minutes to play through. Nearly every base is covered, different styles of swimming, tennis, boxing, football and archery all make an appearance across the very long list of available sports. Unfortunately, only 10 of the possible 101 sports are available from the start, more unlocked as you reach target scores in other events. This adds a slight sense of progress, and the game gives you the opportunity to retry all challenges until you master them.

That said, no matter how much time you have on some of these minigames you’ll never be able to score highly. Some, such as the baffling swimming minigame, have you tapping or rubbing across the screen to perform actions that bear no resemblance to those of your stylus. The equestrian equivalent, where your horse must jump over sets of fences is controlled through frantic rubbing across the screen, the game failing to register your movements unless you hit a certain point on the touch screen. This game is near impossible to achieve a high score in, and to be fair, this is the case with at least half of the games I spent time with here.

Other sports control how you would expect, the barrage of ‘tennis’ games here all control in exactly the same way, you drag the bat across the screen the automatic swing being much harder to judge than need be. As expected, the quality of the minigames remains at this below/slightly above average level throughout, making the 101 games long in the tooth very early on. You may last a good 30 minigames before you give up, but by then the presentation of 101 in 1 Megamix Sports would have frustrated you even more than the controls.

101 in 1 Megamix Sports is definitely a colourful, vibrant game, but no amount of colour can cover up sloppy graphics and uninspired stage/character designs. It might come across as minimalist, but when the games themselves leave a lot to be desired the lack of any graphical touches to distract you is dissapointing.

On this note it’s probably obvious that while on the name alone, 101 in 1 Megamix Sports seems like a bargain, the actual product is destined for bargain buckets in the back of your local videogame store. Stick with Mario and Sonic for your sport fix.

[Rating: 2/5]


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