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Turok is a game with a lot of potential. A challenging campaign, astounding visuals, prehistoric predators and gruesome gore-geysers erupting at the business end of the series’ signature hunting knife are just a scratch on the surface of the game’s amazing potential. Turok is also a game with a lot of problems.

The challenging campaign descends into “frustration” from “fun” quickly and becomes immediately unenjoyable; questionable AI will have you screaming “what?” at the top of your lungs and the sparse whenever-it-feels-like-it save system will have the hurling controllers through the wall. Only the hardest-core FPS gamer need apply.

Actually, to call Turok an FPS is a stretch. The aforementioned hunting knife will be your primary weapon of choice, as its one-hit-kill attack will instantly disable any foe smaller than a T. Rex in a brutal execution, eliminating literally any use for a gun in a lot of situations. When applied properly, players are given a third-person glimpse of Turok burying his serrated blade in the brain of a hapless foe, be it human or otherwise. Since raptors and other cretaceous critters, roam the environment liberally and in large numbers, we were shocked that knifing our way through jungle environments was as easy as it was.


While the visceral stabbings of unaware enemies is exciting and fun to do, it loses its wear towards the latter half of the game. You’ll find yourself in a lot of stealthy situations where the knife is your best method of dude-and-dino-dispatching for slipping in unnoticed. But when the time inevitably comes for you to start rockin’ the rifle you’ll need to prove you’ve got some serious skill. Even at the lowest setting Turok’s aim-sensitivity is through the roof and enemy AI is strangely aggressive and makes this game one of the hardest to complete in recent memory.

The difficulty goes from “too easy” to “I freakin’ quit” in a matter of seconds. Worse yet, certain encounters will have you dying and repeating them ad nauseum thanks to the almost broken save system and unfair amount of bullets being rained on you by too-strong soldiers. Without the ability to save our progress anywhere, we were prone to being knocked back 15 to 30 minutes after a grueling encounter only to die again.

The frustration sets in pretty early and doesn’t cease. Unless you’re determined or stubborn, you won’t bother to put yourself through the suffering that entails the entirety of Turok. Only the best-of-the-best will be able to tolerate the onslaught of overly aggressive foes and put up with the shoddy shooting mechanics, so be warned that the majority of people who pick this up will not finish it.


For those who aren’t grabbed by the snoozefest of a sci-fi revenge story and are looking for more, the three online co-op missions are an absolute blast, though short. With any luck, DLC will be the saving grace of Turok, since the samey multiplayer modes offer nothing new. That’s not to say it’s not totally fun, but you can capture the flag and kill dudes online anywhere else, so more content would definitely help the online stuff.

With it’s controller throwing difficulty and aggravating crap save system, Turok is a brutally painful shooter to play. Dinosaur baddies and knife based executions aren’t enough to help it out of the hole buried by the numbskull AI who only know one thing: shoot and run in your direction without any priority to survive. Most gamers will straight up quit and go straight to the online multiplayer, which offers little to write home about, but is still rad, and three co-operative missions alongside seven deathmatch/CTF maps will keep people entertained until the next big shooter comes along.

[Rating: 3/5]


About the author: Mitchell Dyer


Mitchell Dyer is an Alberta, Canada-based Reviews and Previews Editor for Nukoda.com, as well as a freelance videogame word typer with Official Xbox Magazine and OXMOnline.com where he writes reviews, features and more nonsense.


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  1. Great Review Mitch. It’s well written from head to toe.

    My biggest problem with the game is the aim sensitivity, which you touched on. Bravo!

  2. If that’s your biggest problem with it, you haven’t touched the suck-surface. It’s got a LOT going for it, but Propaganda just missed out on so many opportunities.

    For a game that’s been done since October, this is just astonishingly bland.

  3. Lol, how do they charge full price for this crap? The Save system and the non-working knife is the worst part of this game. Broken.

  4. The knife isn’t “non” working – but man, do you ever need to be in the EXACT right spot… ๐Ÿ™

  5. The Lag online doesn’t help either…

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