• God Of War III Coming 16/03/10

    With a release date finally announced, the wait for God of War III is nearly over. The long awaited sequel to two of PS2’s most impressive Action Adventure titles, GOWIII is hoping to bring a whole new audience to Playstation 3.

    Few titles deserve excessive hype as much as God of War III does, and with all new game mechanics and a breathtaking visual quality, it could well surpass its predecessors, as many fans of the series are hoping for.

    Those who still find waiting until March difficult though can look forward to a new trailer for the game premiering on Spike’s Gametrailers TV on the 11th of February. Others can simply enjoy the month long wait for what could be the best game of 2010.

  • Darksiders, Reviewed [PS3/360]

    As a game that takes heavy inspiration from videogame greats like Zelda and God of War, it was always going to be a challenge to stand out from the crowd. Darksiders does this however, and whether you fondly remember classics you’ve played in the past or wish you were playing those games instead, this may well be the first must play game of 2010.

    With God of War comparisons present from the get go, it’s obvious that Darksiders knows the style of game it’s going for. As War, one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, you find yourself answering a false alarm to begin the end of the world, forcing you into exile. Things need to be done on earth though, and War is the only one capable of ridding the world of the cause of the false alarm, and so with his council’s permission is set on course to uncover and destroy the culprit. Accompanied by a demon-The Watcher (voiced by Mark ‘Joker’ Hamill)-he is tied to a powerful leash in case you decide to stray off the mission. This dynamic adds an unsurity to War’s actual motives, never a problem for Kratos in God of War, but with the complicated lore introduced in the opening section it seems a tad misguided.

    As a narrative, Darksiders tries a bit too hard, never reaching the over the top nature of Devil May Cry for instance, despite some interesting characters and concepts the game deals with. War is on Earth to do one thing however, and in Darksiders, it’s the thing you’ll enjoy the most. Read more ›

  • Ratner puts ‘God of War’ movie on the backburner

    Director Brett Ratner announced recently that his plans for a movie based on the successful God of War franchise have been shelved indefinitely.

    Ratner said in September 2008 that filming an adaptation of the Playstation flagship title would be his next project. Instead, movie trade magazine Production Weekly said the X-Men: The Last Stand vet filmmaker is moving forward with comedy called Trump Heist.

    Trump Heist will star Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker as con artists who land jobs at Donald Trump’s Trump Towers so that they can swindle its residents.

    Ratner did not comment on what caused him to drop his adaptation of the chronicle of Kratos.

    Trump Heist finds Ratner in familiar ground, re-teaming with Rush Hour star Chris Tucker and far away from musings on a Guitar Hero movie.

    The release date for God of War III, for the Sony Playstation 3 is rumored to be announced at E3 this June.

  • LittleBigPlanet Bonus Characters: Kratos! Nariko! Scam?

    Sony’s upcoming platformer/create-your-own-everything-er, LittleBigPlanet, is slowly creeping closer to retail, and in an effort to build even more hype than the stupid-huge amount of coverage the game is getting, Sony is letting details out about… preorder bonuses.

    With exclusive characters from Sony’s exclusive games like Heavenly Sword and God of War available to play in LBP, they’re aiming to secure more purchases, as is their business prerogative. Acceptable, sure. But what’s suspicious about the revelation of exclusive stuff for antsy fans is the wording as seen on Sony’s official blog:

    Stay tuned for much more detail on which retailer will have what pre-order item and when to go to your favorite retailer to reserve your copy.

    Huh? So if I want to nab a Kratos Sackboy character, I might need to preorder the game at EB, while BestBuy could be offering Nariko, and Target could carry Solid Snake… It’s a unique ploy, to say the least, and with any luck Sony will bundle all the unlockables (as well as the other announced buy-me-early goods, a game-carrying case, sticker book and level guide) together instead of individually.

    However, this could all be rectified by the awareness of a high demand for a real Sackboy doll as a bonus. SCEA’s Marketing Manager, Mark Valledor revealed in the comments section that “We know and we’re on it…” when asked about a packed-in figure, so pray for a killer Limited Edition.

    Hopefully we don’t need to drop our dollars early on Amazon to get it, though.

  • Heavenly Sword, Reviewed [PS3]

    After four hours, I’ve completed Heavenly Sword. In a single sitting, I sliced and diced my way through countless of AI enemies, blasted gigantic death-machines to bits with cannon balls, hung upside down on a moving cable-car and saved my father’s life with slow-motion precision arrow shooting. All this happened in three hours before standing before the final boss. Amazingly, none of this action was exciting.

    And no, your math skills aren’t off: I did indeed spend the last hour of four fighting the story’s antagonist in what must be the most bothersome battle since the 8-bit era defined what “frustration” meant.

    You can break Heavenly Sword down to three mechanical parts. One third of the combat-focused game is spent in battle as heroine Nariko, a crimson haired beauty who’s brought back from the dead to protect her family and clan from imminent defeat by a hilariously evil menace whose sole goal is to kill everything that stands on the land he wants. Or something. The combat itself, while gorgeous to see in fluid motion in the game’s graphical wonder, is incredibly dull. Read more ›