The one thing my Wii gets used for is light gun games. It’s the perfect console for it. So rumours of a sequel to House of the Dead: Overkill is enough to get the Wii out of the cave it is stored in and actually use it once more.

Sources at Nintendolife have hinted that development is underway and could potentially be out for sometime early or mid 2011.

“Details on the game are still undisclosed, but what we’ve been told is that a title codenamed House of the Dead: Overkill 2 is being worked on, which we assume is for Wii and potentially PSMove,” according to the site.

The original game by Headstrong Games was brilliant, perfectly parodying B movies and it was surprisingly well written for a light gun game; so good I feel obliged to buy its writer a beer. Just goes to show that a shooter can be witty and not explody.