• Telltale Sets DeLorean for Dec 22, 2010 for Back to the Future Game Release

    Telltale Games’ episodic video game version of ‘Back to the Future’ for PC and Mac finally has a release date of December 22 according to the developer’s blog.

    Telltale has gone for a more cartoonish look for these games and it look to be a fresh, interesting take on the series after it first premiered 25 years ago. Telltale Games is best known for employing many talented former LucasArts employees and the most recent set of Sam and Max games.

    If you purchase the BTTF game direct from Telltale you also get a free DVD when the series of games ends. Preordering will also donate a dollar to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and a free copy of Puzzle Agent, also from Telltale Games.

  • Wallace & Gromit Coming to XBLA and PC

    Telltale Games announced today that its episodic series, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, will be hitting the PC and Xbox Live Arcade this Spring.  Inspired by the popular Wallace & Gromit animated films, the game is Telltale’s first offering for XBLA.

    Since the company’s adventure games have only appeared on the Wii and PC thus far, you might wonder how the developers would adapt the point-and-click interface found in Sam & Max and Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People to the 360’s dual analog controller.  Well fear not.  The Telltale folks have come up with a completely new control scheme for gamepads.

    Hit the jump for the full press release and note that the developer “plans to announce additional titles for Xbox Live Arcade.”  Interesting…

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  • Sam & Max: Season Two Coming to Wii in 2009

    Here’s good news for any gamers who enjoy some point-and-click puzzle solving in between rounds of shooting and chainsawing. Atari has announced that it will be publishing Season Two of the acclaimed ongoing Sam & Max episodic adventure game for the Wii next year.

    The Wii version of Season One was released by Dreamcatcher earlier this fall to little fanfare (and at a nice low price), but it appears that sales were strong enough to justify the release of the second season. Now let’s just hope that Atari doesn’t jack up that nice low price.

    Also, it should be noted that the collection is coming to the PC as well as the Wii, but since the individual chapters have been available for download for a while now, that’s not exactly big news.

  • Sam & Max Wii Gets a Release Date

    Telltale Games, apparent savior of the adventure game genre, has announced that the Wii version of its popular episodic Sam & Max series will arrive on October 5th. The series debuted in late 2006 as a downloadable PC game on GameTap, captured the hearts and minds of adventure game fans looking to relive the glory of the classic 1993 LucasArts point-and-click feast, and subsequently spawned a second season with a third in the works.

    The Wii version is Season One. But fear not. This isn’t quite a slapped-together port job, as it features a new tutorial and widescreen support. Not to mention it’s releasing at the very reasonable price of $29.99.

    Also, Telltale and GameStop are offering a pretty cool pre-order bonus CD that includes a making-of featurette, trailers, concept art, and some other odds and ends.

    More details after the jump.

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